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Aquarium thermometer

Aquarium thermometer


Aquarium thermometer

Item :ST-2

In / out temperature measurement.Clock
function display.Super-thinness design.
Technical parameters:
Temp. measuring range:: -50℃∽+70℃
Resolution: >-20℃ is 0.1      ≤-20℃ is 1
Accuracy: ±1℃
Power: DC1.5V button battery LR44
Product size: 57×38.5×13(mm)
Screen size: 47×21.5(mm)
thermometer manual

Operating Instructions
◆ In and out dual-way temperature measuring
◆ Function of clock display
◆ Temperature range: -50℃~+70℃
◆ Accuracy:±1℃
◆ Resolution: higher than -20℃, 0.1℃; no more than -20℃, 1℃.
◆ Power: 1.5 V One LR44
Operating Instructions
Switch between in and outside temperature measuring
◆ When electrified for 2 seconds to measure inside temperature and
the LCD will display IN.
◆ Press key [FSW] to switch into outside temperature measuring
and the LCD will display OUT.
Clock Function Setting
◆ Press key [FSW] to switch LCD into clock display.
◆ Press key [HR] to adjust H and if pressed more than 2 seconds, it
will be adjusted quickly.
◆ Press key [MIN] to adjust MI and if pressed more than 2 seconds,
it will be adjusted quickly.
Power On/Off
◆ Press [FSW] 4 seconds to turn off the machine, but the clock
continues working.
◆ Press key [FSW] to turn on the machine.

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