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Clock thermometer indoor

Clock thermometer indoor


Indoor temperature and humidity ,displayed at the same time ,With F/C choice
It has a hole ,can hang it on the wall .also put it on a table with a stand.

Temperature Range is 0 to 50℃ (32 to 122F)
Accuracy of temperature is +/-1℃
Resolution is 0.1℃
Size: 8*8*2.5cm
Press the MAX/MIN key,the highest measurement environment-the lowest temperature .
Date-Time adjustment function:
Long press MODE,Minute scintillation,According to the ADJ to the requirements of time,according to MODE hours flashing,press ADJ to the requirements of the time.
Continuous press MODE 4 exit setup.
Flashing sequence–>Minutes–>hours->12/24–>month–>day.
Timing alarm clock function
In the normal time display,press MODE 1,ADJ in 3,display alarm symbol,long press MODE,minute scintillation,according to ADJ to the requirements set by MODE hours,flashing
Press ADJ to request settings,alarm clock is set,press MODE the 2 returned to the normal time display
Product using 1.5v AAA battery
clock thermometer


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