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dual sensor thermometer

dual sensor thermometer


dual sensor thermometer with max min functions,the double channel thermometer can display the indoor and outdoor tempeature in the same time,easy to read for users to monitor the instant temperature in garden,room,office.laboratory,incubator

Item: T05A

* One display shows the first channel temperature.,one display shows the second channel temperature
* Memory for highest and lowest temperature (2 key function: RESET, MAX/MIN)

* ℃ and ℉ sliding switch transform at the back of the instrument.

* Measuring ranger: -10℃/14℉~ 50℃/122℉ for the first channel; -50℃/- 58℉   ~70℃/158℉ for the second channel

* Accuracy: +/-1.0℃/1.8℉ within 0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉), +/-2.0℃/3.6℉ otherwise.

* Resolution: 0.1℃(0.1℉)

* Extend 3m dual channel temperature sensor wire length.

* Features for hanging and standing purpose.

* Unit size: 110(L)x70(W)x20(T)mm

* Display size: up and down is all 34x28mm

* 1.5V AAA(7#) battery enclosed

dual thermometer indoor outdoor extech


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