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Refractometer led lgiht series

Refractometer led lgiht series


Refractometer with LED light

Product details
Series Model Range Accuracy
Brix/ATC LBRHB-10 0-10% 0.10%
LBRHB-18 0-18% 0.10%
LBRHB-32 0-32% 0.20%
LBRHB-62 28-62% 0.20%
LBRHB-82 45-82% 0.20%
LBRHB58-92 58—92%Brix38–43(°Be’)12-27%(Water) 0.5%Brix0.5(°Be’)1%(Water)
Salinity /ATC LBRHS-10 Salinity: 0-10%Refractive Index:1.000-1.070 Salinity:0.1%Refractive Index:0.001
LBRHS-28 0~28% 0.20%
ClinicalProtein/ATC LBRHC-200 0-12g/dl1.000-1.050sg1.330-1.360RI0 0.2g/dl0.005sg0.0005 RI
Alcohol/ATC LBRHW-80 0-80%Vol 1%Vol

led refractometer rhb32 tool
led refractometer rhb32
led refractometer rhb32 brix
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