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Time clock thermometer

Time clock thermometer


thermo hygrometer with time,Max Min Functions,it is different to TTH-001 (No time display),it is new designs to meet customer `s requirement.
it is very nice & useful to room,garden,incubator,greenhouse,car


– Measuring Temperature Range: -10℃~60℃(14℉~+140℉)
– Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃(±2℉)
– Temperature Display Resolution: 0.1℃(0.2℉)
– Measuring Humidity Range: 10%RH ~ 99%RH
– Humidity Accuracy: ±5%
– Humidity Display Resolution: 1%RH
– Max/Min Temperature and Humidity Memory Records
– Operating Voltage: 1.5v,one AAA batter
– Indoor Relative Humidity &Comfort Level Indicator
– Sampling Period:6S
– Total Dimension: 110mmⅹ100mmⅹ20mm
– LCD Dimension: 85mmⅹ70mm
– Net Weight: Approx.142g

– Large LCD screen shows temperature, humidity and comfort level.
– Stand on the desk, hang on the wall or magnetize steel with a back magnet.
– Max/Min Temperature and humidity memory records
– 12-hour/24-hour displaying system selectable
– Alarm function;integral-hour alarm function; Clock& Calendar function(month and date)

– MODE Button and SET Button
-Press the MODE button to alternate between time mode and alarm mode
(1) At time mode:
-Hold the MODE button for 3seconds and press the SET Button to adjust Minute-Hour-Hour Mode(12h or 24h)-Month-Date.
-Pressing the SET button, it will display Date.
(2) At alarm mode:
-Press the MODE button for 3 seconds and then press the SET button to set the alarm time.
-Press the SET button to open or close the alarm icon, hourly chime icon.
– MIN/MAX Button
-Press MIN/MAX key to display the maximum temperature and maximum indoor humidity.
-Press MIN/MAX key again to display the minimum temperature
and minimum indoor humidity.
-At the state of MIN or MAX,press and hold MIN/MAX button for 3 seconds to
clear MAX and MIN temperature,humidity.
– °C / °F Button(at the back)
– Selectable °C or °F display by °C / °F Button.


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